In The Open Space game, $DMATTER tokens are obtained by trading minerals produced in the game in the in-game market. With the version 3.0 update of The Open Space, it has been decided that $DMATTER token will be used as the main token. The $METAL, $CRYSTAL, $DEUTRYM, and $STRDUST tokens produced before the 3.0 update will no longer be produced. However, these tokens can be used to produce NFTs and cover NFT expenses within the game. This is intended to prevent any disadvantage for players who held The Open Space tokens prior to the 3.0 update.
The total supply of $DMATTER tokens is designed to be 1.00000000 $DMATTER. A 10% commission is charged on the amount of $DMATTER tokens that are transferred from the game to Wax blockchain wallets. This commission amount will be distributed as a reward to players who contribute to the $DMATTER/$WAX pool through the TACO M.E.A.L. application.
When $DMATTER tokens are deposited in the game, they can be used to obtain minerals for trading in the Mineral pools within the game or in the in-game market to buy Lands.
The withdrawal commission can be reduced with a Premium membership. For detailed information about this, please see the Premium Features section. Premiums