The Open Space is just a crypto based game. It should not be seen as an investment tool. The virtual economy in the game is purely for entertainment purposes and does not promise to provide profit to anyone.
The information shared on all platforms where the game's descriptions are available is to describe the gameplay of the game, this information does not carry any investment advice. If a player incurs a loss due to changes or innovations in the game rules in the future, The Open Space cannot be held responsible.
No user's personal data is collected. The Open Space cannot be held responsible for the collection and use of the information shared by the users in public events and raffles by third parties or the sale by duplicating them.
The Open Space reserves the right to make changes and arrangements that may be made in the game rules, the use of in-game items and the game interface. The Open Space cannot be held responsible for the loss that the player will experience in case the visuals and written information in the game interface and gameplay mechanism are misunderstood.
The Open Space cannot be held responsible for the consequences and damages that may arise from malicious software and 3rd party applications.
The Open Space is not responsible for the damages and losses experienced by the players in case of termination of relations with Market, suppliers and collaborators or termination of agreements.