Trade Mechanism

Players must first have at least 1 merchant ship as a member of the Trade Union in order to trade between planets.
When players start the game, they can use 1 merchant ship as standard (1 Slot). However, if the player wants to improve their account, they can use more slots by paying 250.0000 $STRDUST tokens. (The number of slots is limited to a maximum of 6 for each player.)
Minerals produced in the Mining Alliance are exchanged for $DMATTER on exchanges in the Trade Zone of the relevant Mining Alliance. Players who are members of the Trade Union can buy mines from exchanges on any planet in exchange for $DMATTER and load them on their trade ships, and they can go to any planet with their trade ships and sell them in exchange for $DMATTER on the exchanges there and generate income.
The fact that only one type of mine can be produced on each planet causes these produced mines to have different prices on the stock markets on different planets. One of the biggest advantages is that the Trade Association can make a profit by purchasing minerals that are abundant on a planet, transporting them to rare planets, and selling them, thanks to the ability to ship between planets.
Merchant ships have production costs and consumption costs according to their rarity. Larger ships can carry larger quantities of minerals. Ships consume the amount of deuterium in their own fuel tank for each transport operation. Consumes supplies for crew and repairs needed for interplanetary travel operations. Ships can refuel and load supplies at the commercial ports of the planet they are on. Crystal mine is used as the secondary currency in the universe to load supplies on ships, while pure deuterium is used for refueling. (The ship whose fuel or supplies have run out cannot leave the port)
The travel of commercial ships between planets has been reduced to very short times thanks to many jump gates and space highways, but still, commercial voyages require a certain amount of time to complete. (8 hours)
Merchant ship owners, if they have a Premium membership, are entitled to a 5%, 10% or 15% discount when purchasing the mines they carry. (Bronze 5% - Silver 10% - Gold 15%) How big is the advantage of the premium feature they have the higher the purchase discount. If the player does not have premium features, the player cannot benefit from the purchase discount.
- Pulsar Transport Ship (Common):
- Titan Transport Ship (Uncommon):
- Hyperion Transport Ship (Rare):
Ship Name
Max Storage
Supply Capacity
Fuel Capacity
Pulsar Trasnport Ship
300.0000 MINE
480 min.
60 Fuel 30 Supply
150 Supply
240 Fuel
Titan Transport Ship
700.0000 MINE
480 min.
170 Fuel 80 Supply
400 Supply
680 Fuel
Hyperion Transport Ship
1500.0000 MINE
480 min.
250 Fuel 100 Supply
500 Supply
1000 Fuel