Manage Land Mechanism

Landowners can develop their land within the game. Each land has a capacity of 5 miners when first purchased. Landowners pay 3000.0000 $STRDUST to develop their land and can increase the mining capacity of their land for +1 miner.
Landowners receive commissions from the mines excavated by the miners on their own land, at a rate determined by them. It can set the commission amount between 1% and 10%. After the landowner changes the commission amount, he has to wait 1 month to change the commission amount again. (The amount of commission can be changed once a month.)
Landowners can do mining on any land (own land or someone else's land) if they want.
Landowners have the advantage of using the features in The Open Space game as well as managing their own Tokens and their own NFT collection on the Wax Blockchain.
Landowners can collect $DMATTER donations from their own community to contribute to the development of their projects. Donate amount can be requested by the land owner and $DMATTER is transferred to his account in the game.
With the new update, land owners can now create a special project on their land. Project development tools will become even richer with future updates.(21/11/2023)
(A more detailed version of the explanation of the methods and tools to be used for land management and explanatory videos will be prepared.)