Collectable NFT Series

This collection series is not directly linked to The Open Space game. This collection series has been produced to inform people and create awareness.
A ranking table is created for collectors holding NFTs from the collection with monthly seasons, and a reward mechanism is developed for the players who make it to the ranking at the end of the month. (It is reminded that the rewards at the end of the month are subject to change and no profit guarantee is provided.)
The NFT contents of the collection are updated monthly, and new series of NFTs are released every month. NFTs from previous seasons can only be obtained by upgrading to a higher category of NFT through the Blend Mechanism. Monthly season NFTs within the annual season continue to earn ranking points (HASH points) throughout the year, but when the monthly season ends, the points collected by users during the month are reset, and in the new season, the NFTs of that year's collection continue to earn points.
Users can purchase random NFTs from the Stranger Market at the beginning of each month. The NFTs that can be purchased with $DMATTER from the Stranger Market are limited in number. If the NFTs sold with $DMATTER are sold out, players can purchase NFTs from the first category (Historical) with the HASH points they have accumulated at an increasing price. The price of NFTs purchased with HASH points increases with each NFT purchase. The price of NFTs purchased with HASH points continues to increase throughout the year. Users are ranked based on the HASH points they accumulate during the month, and monthly rewards are planned to motivate users in the top rankings. Monthly rewards may vary each month.